Zombie Stomp (1988)


Zombie Stomp is a 1988 punk cassette compilation that was put together by Cellar Productions in Greenville, Pennsylvania. I’ve been searching online for any information on it, or any of the bands featured but haven’t found anything. It’s mostly hardcore punk, with some goofy almost power violence type stuff throughout. I’ve posted the video here, if anyone knows about the tape please get in touch.

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Misfortunes of Virtue


I bought the Misfortunes of Virtue demo tape on eBay a few years ago and was blown away by the crossover sound, it was unlike anything I’d heard before. Since then my tape player broke and I haven’t replaced it, as a result my tape collection has sat for a while gathering dust. I recently bought a converter and have been ripping some to my computer, the first being the Misfortunes of Virtue demo. It has the sort punk / metal sound you’d expect from a mid-80’s punk band. Around this time a lot of punks were moving in a metal direction and this tape’s a perfect example, with a bit of goth influence as well.  I was in touch with original member Doug through Facebook towards the end of last year and he gave some background into the band. I kind of lost touch with him but below is a partial biography of the band from Doug’s perspective.

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Disgusteen (1990)


Released in 1990, Disgusteen is a low budget vampire film from Screeching Weasel front man Ben Weasel, which he’s described as “an awful movie … which was basically worthless.”[5] It’s really not that bad, throughout this essay I’ll explore the construction of the film, its themes and of course music. With a title derived from a Teenage Head song, as I’m sure you may expect the film is filled with top punk music and features some of the best punk characters on film.[5] Disgusteen follows Elizabeth’s transformation from upper class school girl to blood thirsty punk vampire as she grows to enjoy her new life among her captors the “Ashtray Punx.” Led by vampire Frankie, the “Ashtray Punx” are a gang “hellbent on hate, they kill, maim, torture, and say nasty things to various members of society.”[4] Coming across as a student film or something thrown together by friends, it’s not quite at the standard of B or C grade horror. Apart from the poor picture quality the film is pretty decent although its appeal is limited to die hard Screeching Weasel fans.

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