Zombie Stomp (1988)


Zombie Stomp is a 1988 punk cassette compilation that was put together by Cellar Productions in Greenville, Pennsylvania. I’ve been searching online for any information on it, or any of the bands featured but haven’t found anything. It’s mostly hardcore punk, with some goofy almost power violence type stuff throughout. I’ve posted the video here, if anyone knows about the tape please get in touch.

  1. Abandoned Refrigerator – Saddle Sore
  2. Abandoned Refrigerator – My Job Sucks
  3. Wax Colonels – Gore Flix
  4. Wax Colonels – I’m Not, I Am
  5. Buckle Mutants – Ghouls Pencil Factory
  6. Schneck – Love Letter
  7. Schneck – Gimme Your Milk Money
  8. Killer Shrews – Front Man Red Man
  9. Mrs. Wilson’s Revenge – My Head
  10. Mrs. Wilson’s Revenge – Lung Token
  11. Duck Weather – Weezils Walk
  12. Duck Weather – Really Dumb
  13. Rake Wounds – That’s Real
  14. Rake Wounds – Rod of Correction
  15. Twigs on a Tapeworm – Punk as Fashion
  16. Twigs on a Tapeworm – Ashes on a Horn



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