I’ve had this blog for a while, it’s kind of an online ghost town, there’s not much going on and there are few visitors. Well in all honesty there’s only a couple of interesting posts. I was surprised if not a little wary when I received my first email through the contact form asking me to do a write up for a band called Wartoad. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks emailing their publicist to find out more and to verify that they are real. I think they are although I still have my doubts.

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The Sonics (Live 2017)


The Sonics @ Freemont Country Club 25/05/17

This was the first of a series of Punk Rock Bowling club shows in the Freemont St area of Vegas. The Sonics show was on the Thursday night a few days before the festival began so attendance wasn’t great. The crowd consisted I’m assuming solely of punk rock bowlers that got in early. There didn’t appear to be any die hard 60’s garage rockers around.

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Punk Rock Bowling 2017


Punk Rock Bowling (PRB) has become one of the largest punk festivals in the world. Organisers Mark and Shawn Stern of Youth Brigade know their audience and always book a diverse range of punk acts. The main festival is held in Las Vegas, where it’s resided for the past 19 years while smaller festivals were also booked this year in Denver and Asbury Park. 2017 proved to be one of the best in the events history with Las Vegas headliners Iggy Pop, Bad Religion and Cock Sparrer. The club shows organised around the main festival are another draw card, these feature obscure bands that might not usually tour. I booked my flights shortly after the line-up announcement, making arrangements to attend the fest. I then waited patiently till the end of May when the Las Vegas PRB music festival officially commenced.

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Zombie Stomp (1988)


Zombie Stomp is a 1988 punk cassette compilation that was put together by Cellar Productions in Greenville, Pennsylvania. I’ve been searching online for any information on it, or any of the bands featured but haven’t found anything. It’s mostly hardcore punk, with some goofy almost power violence type stuff throughout. I’ve posted the video here, if anyone knows about the tape please get in touch.

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Manic Hispanic / Left Alone Split 7″ (2016)


I bought the Manic Hispanic / Left Alone split from Interpunk towards the end of last year and quite liked it. I was ordering the new NoFX album at the time and thought I’d fill my order with something else new and this one got my attention. I’ve been meaning to write an entry about for quite a while now, anyway here it is, my long over due review. Sadly since buying this single and putting off reviewing it, Manic Hispanic front man Mike ‘Gabby’ Gaborno has passed away with this split 7” being the last of their career.  Released on Smelvis Records the record brings together  the two highly regarded LA punk bands.

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Misfortunes of Virtue


I bought the Misfortunes of Virtue demo tape on eBay a few years ago and was blown away by the crossover sound, it was unlike anything I’d heard before. Since then my tape player broke and I haven’t replaced it, as a result my tape collection has sat for a while gathering dust. I recently bought a converter and have been ripping some to my computer, the first being the Misfortunes of Virtue demo. It has the sort punk / metal sound you’d expect from a mid-80’s punk band. Around this time a lot of punks were moving in a metal direction and this tape’s a perfect example, with a bit of goth influence as well.  I was in touch with original member Doug through Facebook towards the end of last year and he gave some background into the band. I kind of lost touch with him but below is a partial biography of the band from Doug’s perspective.

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Oi! Ain’t Dead 5 (2016)


The Oi! Ain’t Dead compilation series has been running for a few years now, showcasing the best of contemporary international Oi! They’re solid comps proving that Oi! is thriving in the 2010’s. The music is traditional on these albums, true to its roots while still sounding fresh. For the fifth instalment they’ve stepped things up with the inclusion of exclusive tracks by punk/hardcore heroes Rancid and Agnostic Front. I came across it on Agnostic Front’s Facebook and was excited to see two legendary punk bands appearing on this great comp series. Agnostic Front are rad, I’ve seen them in recent years and their latest album is great although I was more interested in hearing the new Rancid offering. I ordered it soon after seeing that post and waited impatiently for the first new Rancid song since Honour is All We Know (2014).

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